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Crypto Idle Miner Review

Recently I have come across a game that provides cryptocurrency-based rewards (HORA Tokens) depending on your skill level. If you’re not into “idle type” games, then this may not be for you. However, if you are interested in games that earn you free cryptocurrency (even while you’re offline), then read on!

The game I am talking about is Crypto Idle Miner by Hora Games. The game works like other idle games, where you are required to upgrade certain items, to provide a multiplier to a cash value. Once you reach a certain value, you can “prestige” to start from the beginning with even more multiplication factors. The main goal is to stack as many multipliers as possible in the most efficient way and make the most money (or cryptocurrency) as possible. Crypto Idle Miner has two forms of cryptocurrency, that may become confusing:

  1. Simulation cryptocurrency – that is “mined” as part of the idle game. This currency is not real and has no value.
  2. Hora tokens (Real cryptocurrency) – that is awarded at the end of a season. (approximately once per week)

The real cryptocurrency that you can actually earn (HORA tokens) has been created through a smart contract by the developers of the game (Hora Games). Hora Games will keep 10% of the contract and will pay out the remaining 90% to the players. You receive tokens based on your league position, then once a week, you’re able to transfer the cryptocurrency into a compatible wallet. From there you can hold it, exchange it for money, or other cryptocurrencies.

What are Hora tokens?

HORA Tokens are the in-game currency in Crypto Idle Miner. The tokens are built on the TRC20 system, used for smart contracts on the Tron (TRX) network. What this means is that the tokens comply with the common rules allowing them to use the Tron network. The rules govern the token transfer and how the data linked to each token is accessed.

Hora Games team has plans to use the Hora token in future games as well.

How much are HORA tokens worth?

As the token is so new, it’s currently worth very little (right now price is around 0.3 satoshis). The developers have stipulated that they will let the market determine the value of a HORA token. Hora games plan on making further games using the same token and plan to introduce marketplaces that utilise the token. There will only be a limited number of tokens (12 billion), which will help with the exclusivity.

How can I earn HORA tokens?

You can earn HORA tokens by competing in leagues within the game. Individuals are separated into various leagues, and tokens are distributed at the end of each season. Each season lasts 7 days (ending every Monday).  When you start playing earnings will be very low but when you reach higher leagues your earnings will drastically increase.

Crypto Idle Miner Game Promo Codes

Another way to earn tokens is to utilise the promo codes on offer. From the “User Profile” screen, you are able to enter promo codes to reward you for your progress.

Here is a list of crypto idle miner promo codes that may work:

  • WELCOME (for 200 FREE Tokens)
    Rig 7 in Ethash Building
  • EG2019 ( for 500 FREE TOKENS)
    Reach Level 5
  • BTCRYPTO (for 500 FREE Tokens)
    Reach Level 5
  • FH2019 (for 500 FREE Tokens)
    Cooling System 1 in Ethash Building
  • MT2019 (for 500 FREE Tokens)
    Reach Level 5

Most of the codes will require you to reach an achievement (i.e. reach a certain level, unlock a certain rig etc.)

How do I withdraw HORA tokens to a Tron wallet?

Before you withdraw the tokens, you will need to make sure you have a TRC20 compatible wallet and at least version 1.4.3 of Crypto Idle Miner installed.

The currently supported wallets are TronLink (desktop and mobile) or TronWallet.

Once you have downloaded the wallet, you need to allow the HORA token and create a new address.

Important! Do not use Exchange Addresses as a withdrawal address, if you do that, you could lose all your tokens.

Always try to withdraw a small amount of tokens the first time you withdraw, in order to test your wallet.

Where can I spend HORA Tokens?

Besides the Cryptocurrency market, in future updates of the game, all users will be able to spend HORA Tokens on in-game cosmetic items and customizations.

How do I convert HORA to USD (or other Fiat currency)?

Converting HORA tokens into real money, such as USD, requires several steps. It may take some time to set up, but once you have done it once it’s easy!

There is also more than one way to go about converting your tokens into currency, and it’s important to realise that you can get different prices depending on which exchange you use. I have listed only a few exchanges that HORA tokens are currently traded on. They include:

Some of these exchanges will allow straight transfers from HORA to BTC / ETH, others will require a transfer of HORA to TRON to BTC

Crypto Idle Miner Game Tips and Tricks

There are many ways to go about the game, and here I have listed a few tips and tricks that I have picked up during my time playing. For reference, I have been in the top 100 of players worldwide since Season 2.

  • Prestige as soon as possible. If you don’t, it will make it harder for you to collect ranking points
  • Combine boosts for maximum points (i.e. 2x for add watching, overclocking, pets/plants, mining booster, trading booster, etc)
  • Keep traders and infrastructure above 100%
  • Change coins as soon as the efficiency drops below 100% (this happened if you have mined some coin for too long)
  • If your miners are shutting down you need to upgrade cooling units.

Tips on gaining XP:

  • XP is based on Building worth
  • Once you have done the prestige, you will need to pass that same point for XP to continue growing.
  • Open new buildings to speed up your progress.

Conclusion of the Crypto Idle Miner Game & Hora tokens

For anyone familiar with mobile games, idle games are one of the more strangely addictive kinds. This fact is something that the development studio, HoraGames, is taking to heart as it introduces its game, Crypto Idle Miner. With its latest update, Crypto Idle Miner brings all the intrigue and addictiveness of an idle game to the player, powered by blockchain.

The game also allows users to learn more about the world of blockchain by playing. From extracting cryptocurrency to making smart investments, all without putting your own money down.

The inclusion of the token means that players will be rewarded for participating in the game as they rank up and gain achievements. It is nice to play a game and still earn some money. Right now it is not much because the price of Hora is just like 0.3 satoshis but I’m sure that Hora token will worth a lot more in future.

More information about Crypto Idle Miner can be found from the Hora Games website.


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